An Update on Mongolia

The Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce held its first event since lockdown -‘An update on Mongolia’ at the offices of lawyers Goodman Derrick in London. A report of the evening featured on MNB World.

Reporter: Azkhuu Tsamba MNB representative in London

Doing Business with Mongolia

An Online Seminar using Zoom took place on

Thursday January 21st

10am U.K. time, 6pm Mongolian time
Chair John Grogan, Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce

Opening Speeches
Ambassador Tulga, Mongolian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Daniel Kawczynski MP, Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Mongolia

Mr Ulziisaikhan Ganbold, Deputy Director of Economic Cooperation and Foreign Trade Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Bolormaa Luvsandorj, Managing Partner, Mongolia Sustainable Development Partners
‘ The Mongolian Economy ‘
Amar Adiya, Managing Editor, Mongolian Weekly .
‘ Government and Politics in Mongolia’
Una Jones, CEO, Sustainable Fibre Alliance.
‘Creating a Sustainable Cashmere Valuechain in Mongolia ‘
Tumennasan Dolgor, Lead Project Manager, International Projects, BSI Group ( British Standards Institution)
‘’Partnerships and Projects in Mongolia’