Mongolian Election 2016 Update

By Alan Sanders

On 4 May the General Election Committee announced that 11 political parties and three coalitions had registered to take part in the Great Khural election on 29 June. They include Z. Enkhbold’s Democratic Party (DP), M. Enkhbold’s People’s Party (MPP), and N. Enkhbayar’s People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP), although Enkhbayar himself has been barred from standing as a candidate.

A muddle prevented Oyuun’s Civil Courage Green Party from registering, and supporters are being urged to vote for the DP. The National Labour Party, which former TU leader and Independent MPs. Ganbaatar joined in January and then took over the chairmanship, has undergone a whole series of leadership changes, leaving Ganbaatar “independent” again, and the party unregistered for the election. Another new party, Independence and Solidarity (its name mistranslated as Sovereignty and Unity), which was taken over by MP Uyanga, has formed a coalition with the Green Party (the rump not allied with Civil Courage).

Several MPRP members in the Great Khural have resigned to return to the MPP, leaving the Justice caucus in the Great Khural with too few members to function. Meanwhile, the DP and MPP agreed to support the Constitutional Court’s April resolution, that proportional representation was unconstitutional (contrary to one man, one vote), and the December 2015 Law on Elections has just been amended. As a result, the Great Khural election in June will revert to the majority system of 76 single-seat constituencies.

May 15, 2016