Yamaa Trust is a Scottish based charity with one main aim, to improve the conditions in all aspects of life for the people living in the South Gobi Region of Mongolia, an extremely harsh environment to live in and an area where due to many factors such as extreme climate conditions there is a lot of disadvantage.  For those living in rural areas routine things such as going for an eye test or health check-up can seem impossible as these things are mainly only available in cities. Harsh climates and inadequate modes of transportation make traveling to cities difficult and too expensive for rural dwellers who are generally on a very low income.  Yamaa aims to provide the means by which the people of the rural South Gobi Region are not isolated from receiving vital services.
Since being created in 2008 Yamaa Trust has provided and funded a host of different things which have helped significantly improve the quality of life for the local people.  These include -:

  • Providing accommodation by building numerous gers for disadvantaged families.  This gives them security by having a home of their own.
  • Building two five walled gers in Dalandzdagad for orphans and disadvantaged children in the area, which has dramatically increased their safety and security.
  • Providing both medical and dental care to many people in need of it within the South Gobi Region. This includes both the funding and the transportation of people to hospitals for treatment.  We have funded many eye examinations which have lead onto numerous cataract operations being carried out, greatly improving the sight of many Mongolian people whose eyes had been damaged by the harsh conditions of the South Gobi Region, and were suffering from reversible visual problems.
  • We have provided a number of defibrillators to isolated provinces where it would often be impossible to reach a hospital on time if for example someone was suffering from a heart attack.

We always work closely with in country experts in order to determine further medical and social interventions and projects that will be of maximum benefit to the people of the South Gobi Region of Mongolia.

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