The London Stock Exchange Group (“LSEG”) and the Mongolian State Property Committee (“SPC”) have signed an exclusive Strategic Partnership Agreement to develop the Mongolian Stock Exchange (“MSE”).

Under the agreement the London Stock Exchange is collaborating with the SPC in a number of areas, including:

  • LSEG has appointed a management team at the MSE to oversee its development and privatisation;
  • LSEG’s MillenniumIT, the leading global exchange technology provider,  will provide trading and surveillance infrastructure to the MSE;
  • Using the LSEG Academy, both parties have conducted a comprehensive training programme on capital markets infrastructure and legislative framework for MSE officers, clients and officers of the Mongolia Financial Regulatory Commission;
  • LSEG is advising the SPC on the modernisation of market rules, procedures, structure and operation at the MSE;
  • LSEG will provide assistance in the broadening of tradable asset classes at the MSE, to derivatives and ETFs; and
  • LSEG will work to implement an international standard Mongolian market index.

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